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A Three-week Stewardship Emphasis

Written by: Ron and Phyllis Chewning

JoyofGenerosityEmblemWeek 1: The Joy of Receiving God’s Blessings

Week 2: The Joy of Managing God’s Blessings

Week 3: The Joy of Sharing God’s Blessings

The goal of this three-week emphasis is to address whole-life Christian stewardship. We first receive with gratitude the generous blessings from our Heavenly Father; then we are called to faithfully manage those blessings; and then we are to share the blessing that God has entrusted to us. Through this emphasis, your members’ relationship with their Lord will be deepened, they will better understand Christian stewardship, and they will grow as stewards.

Below are the program materials for you to download. Please feel free to contact Diana Raasch, SWD Stewardship Executive, with any questions.

  • Bible Studies and Devotions – Bible studies and answer guides for Sunday mornings and Small-Groups, along with daily devotions for throughout the emphasis.
  • Communication and Promotion Resources – Within this folder are weekly bulletin messages, newsletter posting, flyers, graphics, and letters, commitment form and powerpoint presentations.
  • Program Leader Guide – Leader guides for emphasis.
  • Worship Planning – Within this folder are sermon templates, bulletin helps, children messages and testimonial samples.


A-Z Stewardship Resources Document Collection

This collection of resources includes some items that are important for every pastor and stewardship committee to consider, and it includes items that are specifically tailored to specific settings. In other words: Not everything in this book is for you; it is not meant to be read cover to cover. Rather, the resources are arranged into various groupings so that you can easily find what will be of benefit to you in your unique setting.

Download A-Z Stewardship Resources Document Collection

Consecrated Stewards

CS LOGOConsecrated Stewards is designed to energize your members in their on-going giving. It is not tied to the church budget but to the need of the giver to give. Most congregations that participate report increases in annual commitments of 15% to 35%. Click here to learn more about the features of the program and what the program provides beyond Consecration Sunday.

Faith Aflame

FaithAFlameFresh, new, contemporary resources to assist congregations in providing whole-life, intentional stewardship education.

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Financial Planning & Stewardship

When your vision is clear, plans are developing, and members and your community partners are preparing, you must align your resources.

To move forward your ministry may need assistance with financial plans, stewardship education and a capital campaign.

You can choose to partner with LCEF knowing that your ministry support resources are rooted in our Lutheran faith and embrace the LCMS. LCEF offers resources to help your members which will help your members thrive in giving and move you closer to achieving your ministry goals.

Heart in Focus

Do you control your money or does it control you?

Imagine feeling confident in using money and living a life that is free from the trappings it brings — free from financial worry, free from debt, and free from all the demands and pressures. Imagine feeling in control of your finances with a plan for the future … a plan more in tune with God’s will.

It’s time to rethink the common perspective and approach to money and possessions. Heart in Focus is a step-by-step process that helps people get at the root of most money issues — the human heart — and then walk through the maze of financial choices.

Davis and Kehl present a Biblical perspective of money, including the following:

  • Aiming hearts toward lasting treasures
  • Overcoming the worry of daily living
  • Taking control of debt
  • Spending responsibly
  • Clarifying life’s meaning
  • Implementing a plan for the future

This practical and encouraging workbook contains forms for money management, ideas on how to save money, and how to eliminate debt. Best of all, it uses God’s Word as the definitive guide for money management! It challenges people at every financial level with a fresh new perspective on money.

"Journey of Discovery" Bible Study

“Journey of Discovery” is based on a travel theme, with the ultimate destination of a deeper spiritual understanding of God’s intentions. Participants are encouraged as they make their prayerful decisions about the financial offerings given to the Lord through their church.

This stewardship journey through Bible study is designed for a small group setting, discussion and prayerful consideration, your congregation members will grow closer to each other and Jesus.

The five-session study takes participants through different “gates” of giving and sharing as they seek to answer the question, “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits to me?”

Ordering Information
Materials include a leader’s guide, 10 student workbooks, a DVD and CD-ROM, promotional posters and bulletin inserts, luggage tags, and traveler’s checks.

The complete kit (item no. S00322WEB, cost $59.99) may be ordered online at or by calling 800-3325-3040.

Legacy Church

“Legacy Churches by Stephen Gray and Franklin Dumond. To leave a legacy is to pass on to future generations something of great significance. Leaving a legacy should be the hope of every church! If your church can give birth to a new church, that new church can carry forward your values and continue to fulfill your mission to bring life-changes to the community.

Stewards in the Kingdom: A Theology of Life in All its Fullness

By R. Scott Rodin

Stewards in the KingdomToo often we think stewardship concerns only the money we give to the church. But in the image of the steward, the Bible offers a perspective on our entire relationship with God. Here we have a full and fresh picture of being Jesus’ disciples and living life in all its fullness. R. Scott Rodin unpacks what it means for us to be stewards in the kingdom of the triune God of grace. This theology of the abundant life, which encompasses all aspects of our world, our life and our possessions, begins, appropriately, with the very being of our gracious Creator God. From there Rodin dismantles the myth of the two kingdoms, one that is under God’s control and one that is not. In so doing he crafts a portrait of faithful stewards who live as God’s children in the one reality that is marked by death behind us and life ahead. The book concludes with a discussion of the roles of church and family as stewards while providing a theology for the Christian fundraiser. Here is a unique and much needed book on a neglected biblical theme.

Stewardship Advisors

Stewardship Advisors develops educational and Christ-centered resources to challenge, equip, and motivate God’s people to become better stewards.  Through Steward Builders (year-round education materials), annual stewardship programs, Bible studies, and other material produced by Stewardship Advisors, God’s people will grow in their understanding of Christian stewardship as a way of life that honors Christ and be led to greater commitment, involvement, and generosity.

Founded by Ron and Phyllis Chewning,

Stewardship Advisors has served a thousand or more churches since 1997

Stewardship Resource Groupings

The following four sets of resources are available in a ZIP format. Each Zip file includes PDF and Microsoft Word format files. Permission is granted to copy, paste, edit and duplicate as you see fit.

  • Theology of Stewardship
  • Bible Studies/Sermons/Pastoral Aids
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Practical Wisdom

The Best is Yet to Come

7 Doors of Spiritual Growth, by Rev. John H. Kieschnick


1.  Witness – The Door of Opportunity
2.  Worship – The Door of Wonder
3.  Connections – The Door of Encouragement
4.  Prayer – The Door of Intimacy
5.  Bible Study – The Door of Insight
6.  Service –  The Door of Fulfillment
7.  Giving – The Door of Authentic Faith

The Chief Steward

The Chief Steward by J.E. Hermann. A manual on Pastoral Leadership. 

The Steward Leader: Transforming People, Organizations and Communities

rodinBy R. Scott Rodin

Coach. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Executive. Servant. Visionary. Everyone has a different idea of what a leader should be. How can any one person be everything? Scott Rodin brings unity and clarity to this confusing, demanding picture of leadership. He offers a comprehensive model that brings together a biblical understanding of holistic stewardship with the best in leadership studies. Whether in churches, not-for-profit ministries or in business the need for sound leadership is readily apparent. Drawing on his years of experience in development and fundraising and his extensive theological training, Scott Rodin offers a new paradigm–a transformational approach to leadership that is biblically sound, theologically rich and practically compelling.

Philippians Workshop: Help for Pastors, Laity Collaborate on Stewardship

The Philippians Workshop is based on Paul’s words in Philippians Chapter 1. In that chapter, and throughout the whole book of Philippians, we see how all the leadership of the congregation is working together in the realm of stewardship: Paul, Timothy, deacons, overseers and lay “partners in the Gospel” are all mentioned within just the first three verses!

The workshop is designed to bring together pastors and congregational lay leaders. Each congregation will know best what lay leaders should attend, but for many congregations the board of stewardship, treasurer and church council are a good place to start. We especially delight in opening up the Scriptures for pastors and congregations who have struggled with stewardship in the past or who have been reluctant to take up an intentional stewardship focus for whatever reason.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, email

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