Consecrated Stewards

CS LOGOConsecrated Stewards is designed to energize your members in their on-going giving. It is not tied to the church budget but to the need of the giver to give. Most congregations that participate report increases in annual commitments of 15% to 35% *



›  Ties the commitment process to the Sunday morning act of worship.
›  Does not have members asking other members one-on-one for a financial commitment.
›  Can be used any time during the year.

Going beyond the New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Program, it provides:

› Solid Lutheran Bible study materials and sermon outlines.
› Guidance for stewardship witness talks.
› A process to celebrate congregation ministries.
› Publicity and communication aids.
› An optional workshop for leaders.
› An LCEF trained and certified Guest Leader.

To learn more how Consecrated Stewards can energize your members contact Diana or Barb at the South Wisconsin District Office at 414-464-8100 or contact LCEF Ministry Support at 314-885-6444.

*Individual results may vary. Increases in amounts committed to annual envelope giving typically range between 15% and 35%. A congregation’s results could be more or less. LCEF cannot guarantee results in a Consecrated Stewards program or the fulfillment of the commitments. Success depends upon the cooperation and participation of congregation members.