President’s Office

Rev. Dr. John Wille

  • District administration
  • Council of Presidents of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Concordia University Wisconsin Board of Regents
  • Ecclesiastical supervisor for SWD ordained and commissioned church workers
  • Ministerial health & worker relationships
  • Personal, committee & congregational consultation
  • Congregational relationships
  • Pastoral calls and vacancies
  • Dominican Republic FORO Partnership
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict resolution

Congregational Services



  • Strategic planning
  • Missions
  • Mission education
  • Campus ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Multicultural ministry

Dr. Chris Cody
Schools, Youth and Family Ministry

  • Assist all church workers to grow professionally
  • Craft/cast a dynamic vision for all SWD schools, preschools and child care organizations
  • Oversee administration of roster status and call procedures for all commissioned ministers on behalf of District president
  • Promote healthy schools and healthy relationships
  • Promote healthy solutions on behalf of the District president where/when conflict arises in schools and/or involving commissioned workers
  • Provide oversight for SWD youth ministry and task forces, as well as regional superintendents
  • Prepare and administer budget for education and youth areas
  • Be aware of legislation and other situations that impact Lutheran schools

Financial Services

Paul Reske
Business Manager
  • General Operations
  • Property Management
  • Budgeting, Accounting
  • Church Operation Resourcing – Assist congregations and congregation leaders

Diana Raasch
Lutheran Church Extension
Fund – District Vice President

  • LCEF loans for congregations and rostered church workers
  • LCEF investments for individuals, ministry and businesses
  • LCEF ministry resources and support
  • LCEF and District stewardship assistance
  • Demographic studies
  • Estate Planning workshops for congregations and individual household visits

Administrative Staff

Karen Rayner
President’s Office
Robin Muller
Robin Mueller
Schools, Youth and Family