Church Worker Resources

Application for Inactive Status

Complete this form if you are currently on the roster and are no longer in active ministry in an LCMS organization, if you want to change your inactive status, if you are retiring or want to be removed from the roster (also complete the Resignation from the Roster form). There are two categories for inactive status – candidate and emeritus status.

If applying for candidate status, the following form also needs to be completed and sent to the District office.

Application for Membership in the Synod

This form is for anyone receiving their first call  and would like to be included on the Roster of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Send the completed form to your District President.


Application for Reinstatement to the Roster

Complete this form if you were previously on the Roster of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and either resigned or were removed and wish to be back on the Roster.  You will also need to complete a background check authorization form. Both forms should be submitted to the District you were in when you went off the roster.

Background Check Authorization

Background checks are required for individuals who are applying for reinstatement to the roster and colloquy.  Individuals are responsible for costs associated with the background check.  Please complete this form and send it to the District office, along with a check, made payable to the South Wisconsin District.  Call the District office for the cost of the graound check. Ordained ministers contact Karen Rayner – 414-292-0743 and commissioned ministers, contact Robin Mueller – 414-292-0741.

Biographical Information - Emeritus Commissioned Ministers

Commissioned Ministers – complete this form when you are applying for Emeritus Status.

CMIF - Commissioned Minister Information Form

The CMIF is used by schools/congregations when filling teacher and other commissioned minister positions. Rostered workers should update their CMIF annually.

Concordia Plan Resources & Updates

This page features the latest updates from Concordia Plan benefit consultant, Maureen Schneider. It is intended to be a resource for all churches and schools who are using the Concordia Health Plan. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate Concordia Plan benefit consultant. Complete contact information and healthcare updates can be found at this link:

Concordia Plan Resources and Updates

Doxology Grant Application

The DOXOLOGY program shepherds and renews pastors, providing them with advanced skills to provide transformative spiritual care and Christian counsel to the people entrusted to their care. At the same time, DOXOLOGY improves the life and mission of the church by training lay leaders to better grasp their essential role in supporting the pastoral office and helping to build a positive sense of identity and mission throughout the congregation. DOXOLOGY also provides assistance for the pastor’s wife, to encourage her in her unique vocation.

Contact Karen Rayner, 414-292-0743, in the President’s office for an application.

Explanation of Inactive Status

This form needs to be completed if you are applying for Candidate Status and should accompany the Application for Inactive Status.

Mandatory Reporting

A 2004 Wisconsin law requires clergy to report suspected cases of child sexual abuse.

Pastor Self Evaluation Tool (SET)

All pastors are encouraged to update their Self Evaluation Tool (SET) every four years. If you need to update your SET, visit and follow the directions attached. Once updated, please e-mail a copy to Karen Rayner and send a hard copy with your signature to the District president’s office. If you need to update your Personal Information Form (PIF) please contact Karen by e-mail or phone 414-292-0743 or (800) 798-3678.

Request for Ordination or Commissioning

This form is for anyone who has received their first call. Send the completed form to your District President.

Resignation from the Roster of the LCMS

If you wish to resign from the roster, this form needs to be completed and sent to the District office, along with the Application for Inactive Status.

Tax Guidelines

Tax help designed for ordained or commissioned ministers. PDF document.