Certification in Lutheran Early Childhood Teaching (C-LECT)

This certification will:

  • Provide Early Childhood professionals with a foundation of Lutheran thought and teaching
  • Introduce Early Childhood professionals to the mission and ministry of Early Childhood Education in the church
  • Assist Early Childhood professionals in supporting the faith life of young children

The seminars include:

Early Childhood education as mission/ministry.

  • What are some of the LCMS terms we use and what do they mean?
  • Where do I fit into the LCMS structure

Exploring Lutheran thought and teaching.

  • Law and Gospel
  • Baptism and communion
  • Faith and Grace
  • Other Spiritual Matters

Faith development of children and families.

Christian curriculum and family ministry.

For more information, please contact Dr. Candyce Seider, SWD Early Childhood Consultant.