June 29-30 – Creation Conference, CUW

“Theistic Evolution—A Contentious Compromise”

The sixth annual creation conference of the Society of Creation, “Theistic Evolution—A Contentious Compromise” will be hosted by Concordia University Wisconsin, June 29 and 30, 2018. Keynote speakers include the three founding members of the Society of Creation—Dr. Gary Locklair, Dr. Andrew Steinmann, and Dr. Joel Heck—and they will each speak on theistic evolution. Dr. Locklair, Concordia University Wisconsin computer science professor, will present on “Contentious Compromise—Why God Didn’t Use Evolution” and on “Clearly Created—How God Formed Heaven and Earth.” Dr. Steinmann, from Concordia University Chicago, will speak on “What A Day Is in Genesis 1: Why Genesis Cannot Be Interpreted as Supporting Theistic Evolution.” Dr. Heck, Concordia University Texas, will speak on “Icons of Evolution: The Flaws in Most Evolutionary ‘Evidence’.” More information about their talks—and the talks of the other speakers—is available on our website (see link below). The schedule includes sessions all day on Friday and Saturday. An evening session on Friday is optional. The cost for attendance at Concordia University Wisconsin is $70.00. A discount is available for multiple people from the same family or church.

A registration form can be downloaded from our website with information about conference schedule, registration, and the Saturday noon meal, and participants can also register online through our website. Go to www.societyofcreation.org for online registration or to download the registration form for mailing. Then click on the “Conferences” link. As you scroll down, the registration link and registration form are both available. Other information about the keynote speakers and their plenary addresses as well as publicity options (poster, bulletin announcements) may also be found on the website. To get more information, contact Dr. Heck at joelheck2@gmail.com.