Storm clean-up at Camp LuWiSoMo

Helpers who came to assist with the cleanup are (front L to R): Joanne and Bob Burgardt, Ray Ottman. (Top L to R): Terry Schmeckpeper, Jeff and Peter Wegmann.

Terrible storms and high winds were the stories of the day on June 14 and 15 in many parts of Wisconsin. Our District’s Camp LuWiSoMo near Wildwood suffered in the aftermath. At least 50 large trees were downed and they were without power, leaving the camp in great distress.

A call went out from Pastor Bill Wagner, Chairman of the District’s Disaster Response committee, to summon anyone who would be willing and able to help clean up the debris and make a lot of firewood out of the fallen trees.

A group of six volunteers reported to the camp with their work clothes, gloves and saws. A report came back from Terry Schmeckpeper, a member of the Disaster Response committee, later that weekend.

“We surveyed the camp and restored the electric fence line at the stables. Several trees had fallen on the fence, but no horses escaped,” he reported. They also opened up the horse trail that the camp uses most as there were lots of fallen trees across the path.

Many trees and branches were cleared by the team on the path to the beach and others were removed from the bike shed’s roof. There are still more trees down but none critical to running the camp. And other than the roof of the bike shed, there was no property damage and no people were harmed.

More tree clearing work is available if you bring a group. Call camp to arrange a day–920-622-3350.