An invitation to give!

baptism-2-6-16-2As the year comes to a close and we celebrate the gift that God gave us through His holy Child at Christmas, we rejoice in the peace that accompanies the forgiveness of sins for Christ’s sake. But can you imagine not knowing that peace, living in a community where you don’t speak English and may not know the love of Jesus?

Did you know there are many LCMS congregations right here in the South Wisconsin District that are bringing peace, hope, and love to Hispanic individuals and families? There are baptisms, catechesis, special events, and Lutheran educational initiatives. Our District ministry to our Hispanic brothers and sisters is growing quickly and in all geographical directions.

As our heavenly Father sent Jesus to accomplish His will, so our Lord has now sent us to serve in many and varied ways to share His peace.  Become a ministry partner to the Hispanic families in our District by praying for them.  Please also consider a gift to support the various Hispanic missional needs of the South Wisconsin District.

For more information, or to make a gift by phone, please call Barb Slak at the District office, 414-292-0745, or click on the “Give Now” button below and select “2016 Year End Appeal” from the drop-down menu. We thank you, and may God grant you a blessed New Year!