President’s Office

Rev. Dr. John Wille

  • District administration
  • Council of Presidents of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  • Concordia University Wisconsin Board of Regents
  • Ecclesiastical supervisor for SWD ordained and commissioned church workers
  • Ministerial health & worker relationships
  • Personal, committee & congregational consultation
  • Congregational relationships
  • Pastoral calls and vacancies
  • Dominican Republic FORO Partnership
  • Strategic planning
  • Conflict resolution

Congregational Services




Rev. Jonah P. Burakowski

Missions and Human Care

  • Strategic planning
  • Missions
  • Mission education
  • Campus ministry
  • Chaplaincy
  • Multicultural ministry





Dr. Chris Cody
Schools, Youth and Family Ministry

  • Assist all church workers to grow professionally
  • Craft/cast a dynamic vision for all SWD schools, preschools and child care organizations
  • Oversee administration of roster status and call procedures for all commissioned ministers on behalf of District president
  • Promote healthy schools and healthy relationships
  • Promote healthy solutions on behalf of the District president where/when conflict arises in schools and/or involving commissioned workers
  • Provide oversight for SWD youth ministry and task forces, as well as regional superintendents
  • Prepare and administer budget for education and youth areas
  • Be aware of legislation and other situations that impact Lutheran schools

Financial Services

Herman Strozier
Business Manager
  • General Operations
  • Property Management
  • Budgeting, Accounting
  • Church Operation Resourcing – Assist congregations and congregation leaders

Diana Raasch
Lutheran Church Extension Fund – District Vice President and SWD Stewardship
  • LCEF loans for congregations and rostered church workers
  • LCEF investments for individuals, ministry and businesses
  • LCEF ministry resources and support
  • LCEF and District stewardship assistance
  • Demographic studies
  • Estate Planning workshops for congregations and individual household visits

Administrative Staff

President’s Office
Karen Rayner

Missions, Human Care
Peg Raabe
Robin Muller
Schools, Youth and Family
Robin Mueller
Slak web
Direct Gifts, Stewardship
Barb Slak